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Solution for quick and easy web page updates

Web Update Builder 3.2

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Build: 32080320
File size: 1.02MB (exe file)
Supported OS: Windows 2000/XP/Vista
Special requirements: None


[1] Client

[2] Program
One-step solution for easy update of
web pages
Creates stand alone Web Update Client
Allows inexperienced users to make
changes to the web site
Applicable for text, URLs, e-mail addresses
and JPG/PNG images
Available HTML tag extension
for Dreamweaver®
Built-in FTP client with support for
Active and Passive FTP Modes
Works with object groups
(add, duplicate, delete)
Allows editing contents in tables, lists
and similar structures
Single license covers unlimited
use for you and your clients.


Situation: Web site needs to be changed. It's just a tweak, couple of lines of text, new image, new phone number, link to some important information is changed, technical support has a new e-mail address... Anyway, it has to be done as soon as possible!

Traditional solution: Web site is your creation so you are called in to make those changes. As usual, such assignments come when they are least wanted. Dead-line on another important and much bigger project is approaching only too fast... On the other hand, you do not want to lose an old customer, so you somehow manage to find a spare moment to do it, knowing you can never charge a proper fee for that small job. Too bad...

Web Update Builder solution: When you were designing the web site you made it ready for this kind of situation. Your customer has Web Update Client application you gave them. They start it, select a page to change, type in new value in a standard text box, change an image, click on Update and the job is done. Will your customer call you? You bet! Satisfied customers always come back with new assignments.

So how Web Update Builder does it?

The whole concept is quite simple. You just have to add special <wub></wub> HTML tags to web pages and enclose in them areas you want to allow changes to. You can do that with any text or specialized HTML code editor and if you are using Dreamweaver® we have provided <wub> HTML tag extension for more convenience.

Next step is to start Web Update Builder, type in some customer data and create Web Update Client customized for the web site you are working on. Web Update Client is a stand alone program and does not have to be installed so all you have to do is give your customer that one executable file and they can use it right away.

Web Update Client allows only changes to plain text (including <b> and <i> tags), images and <a> tags (URLs and e-mail addresses). This was necessary to keep things simple enough so any user can make those changes as well as to prevent unwanted changes to web page layout. However, you can still use this system to allow editing contents in tables, lists and similar structures.

And that's it. Everything is so easy to make and use. We have developed Web Update Builder based on experience we got from numerous projects realised by our Internet Solutions division. We believe that by offering such an easy solution for small updates you can gain clear advantage over competition when bidding for some web site assignment. Within your own company you will save a lot of valuable time by allowing your colleages to make changes that otherwise you would have to make yourself. We are poised to make Web Update Builder an industry standard. If you have some suggestions or comments you will be more than welcome to write to us at

Note: due to still unclear GIF-patent situation only JPG/PNG images are supported at this moment.

Dreamweaver is registered trademark of Macromedia Corporation


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