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Rotating Pictures

Rotating Pictures

Rotate picture(s)

    Four options are available for rotating pictures. Three of them are obvious choices of 180 degrees, 90 degrees clockwise (rotate right) and 90 degrees counter clockwise (rotate left). If you have that kind of camera Photo Gadget Pro can also rotate pictures based on EXIF information so you can fix the whole folder of pictures easily as the program will rotate only pictures that really need to be rotated (portrait pictures) and skip the rest (landscape pictures).

Output file options

JPG quality

    Four output picture qualities are available for JPG files: low (highest compression), medium, high and best (lowest compression).

    Additionally, you can enable lossless rotation and in that case get the rotated output picture in the same quality as the original.

Destination folder

    For destination folder you can choose a custom folder (by default the program will use "...\My Documents\My Pictures\Photo Gadget Pro") or the same as source folder (in other words  the folder where the picture's original file is stored). 

File name

    If you choose new file name option then the program will take the original picture's file name and add a suffix "_rot" to it. For example, if the original picture's file name was "London panorama 12.jpg" then the program will save the rotated version as "London panorama 12_rot.jpg". However, if you choose the same as original option, then there will be no change in the original picture's file name. In that case if the rotated version is going to be saved to a folder that also happens to be the one where the original picture file is stored then the original picture file will be overwritten and lost.

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