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Renaming Picture Files

Renaming Picture Files

Rename mask

Through contents of this textbox you set a "renaming rule". It will usually consist of some text you type in as a general description for all selected pictures (e.g. "London") and a counter symbol "[C]" that is always necessary for renaming more than one picture. So, if you enter "London [C]" here your pictures will be renamed in the series of "London 001", "London 002", "London 003", ...

Original name

By using "[N]" symbol you can include the original file name in the new name.

Current date

Current date is represented by "[YMD]" symbol.

Current time

Current time is represented by "[HMS]" symbol..

Counter, counter options

To use the counter enter "[C]" in the renaming mask. Through counter options you can choose the number of digits to be used in the counter and the program will automatically add leading zeros. You can also set the start number and counting step.

Upper/lower case

Use this option to control the resulting file name case. You can leave it unchanged or tell the program to change all letters to upper/lower case or make only the first letter in uppercase and all the rest in lowercase.

Old/new file name table

This table shows you what will happen with file names after renaming. Original file names are displayed in the left column and new names in the right. It is recommended that you scroll through the whole list of file names to be sure that it is what you really want to do because renaming can not be undone.

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