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How to use Photo Gadget Pro

Where is the EXE file?
Photo Gadget Pro is a shell extension so it does not have an EXE file. There is just a DLL that integrates with Windows Explorer and that is perfectly normal.

Ok, no EXE file, but how do I do things with this program then?
Using Photo Gadget Pro is very easy. After successful installation all you have to do is open a folder with pictures in Windows Explorer, select pictures you want to edit, right click the selection and in the context menu that appears you will see Photo Gadget Pro with all its options. Check the screenshot:

Great, but I just did what you said and there is no Photo Gadget Pro in sight, what now?
There are two possible reasons for this to happen. One is that your selection of pictures to edit does not include pictures in any of the supported file formats. Photo Gadget Pro currently works with BMP, TIFF, PNG, PCX, TGA and JPG pictures. Pictures in other formats will be skipped and if you select only such pictures (e.g. all selected pictures are in GIF format) then Photo Gadget Pro option will not show up in the context menu at all. 

Another possibility is that the installation was not successful. In that case restart the computer, repeat the installation process and restart the computer again if requested to do so.

Everything's fine, I'm just wondering what is the purpose of "Next operation" button on the final screen.
That option allows you to continue working with the same selection of pictures you started with. Say you want to resize some pictures and add a frame to all of them. You will first select those pictures, right click the selection, choose Resize option from the Photo Gadget Pro context menu, set new size and click Resize which brings you to the final screen (see screenshot below). At this point if you click Ok (or "Open destination folder") you will have to make new selection of now resized pictures and go back to Photo Gadget Pro to frame them. However, you can get the same result quicker if you select the next operation you want (caption & frame) directly on the final screen of the previous one (resize) and click Next operation.

Any more tips for a novice user?
Yes, just visit the program's homepage and follow the Help & Info center link.


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