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Effects & Filters

Effects & Filters

Description of effects and filters


    Transforms the original picture so colors contained in the output picture are only black, white, or any shade of gray.

Invert colors

    Creates a color negative of the original picture so all color values in the output picture are inverted values of colors contained in the original. For additional effect you can disable one or two RGB channels. Of course if you disable all three channels there will be no effect at all in the output picture.


    Sepia is a brown pigment originally prepared from the secretion of the cuttlefish and used in the past for printing photographs. In digital photography you can get this kind of result by applying so called duotone effect. For additional effect experiment with different main colors; you can always get back to default main color by clicking Default.


    This is a mirror-like effect where you can choose the flipping axis between vertical and horizontal.
The preview section gives you impression how the output picture will look like after the effect/filter is applied on the original. Picture on the left represents the original and picture on the right represents the output you will get. If you selected more than one picture you will be able to browse through them using "<<" and ">>" buttons.

Full Screen Preview

    Click these buttons to see the full screen preview of either the original or the output pictures. You can also double-click on small preview pictures on the dialog for the same effect. If you selected more than one picture you will be able to use Page Up/Down to browse through them while in the full screen mode.

Output file options

JPG quality

    Four output picture qualities are available for JPG files: low (highest compression), medium, high and best (lowest compression).

Destination folder

    For destination folder you can choose a custom folder (by default the program will use "...\My Documents\My Pictures\Photo Gadget Pro") or the same as source folder (in other words  the folder where the picture's original file is stored). 

File name

    If you choose new file name option then the program will take the original picture's file name and add a suffix to it depending on the chosen effect/filter: "_grayscale", "_invert" or "_sepia". For example, if the original picture's file name was "London panorama 12.jpg" then the program will save the version transformed to sepia as "London panorama 12_sepia.jpg". However, if you choose the same as original option, then there will be no change in the original picture's file name. In that case if the transformed version is going to be saved to a folder that also happens to be the one where the original picture file is stored then the original picture file will be overwritten and lost.


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