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Cropping Pictures


    This is a standard way of cropping pictures. Click on a place where you want to be the starting corner and drag mouse pointer diagonally until you completely enclose the crop area. You can check the cropped picture size in W (width) and H (height) textboxes. After you set the crop area you can also move it around. If you click outside the crop area you will cancel the selection.

Fixed size

    This option allows you to set the cropped picture size you need in advance. First type in width and height values for the crop area you need in textboxes W and H respectively. Then click on the picture to position the crop area. The place where you click will be the position of crop area's top-left corner.

Keep aspect

    We can describe this option best as a restricted free style cropping. You will be able to choose one of three predefined standard aspects (3:2, 4:3, 16:9) or choose custom aspect option and type in your own proportion values in unnamed textboxes just right of the aspect drop-list. After that when you start selecting crop area it will expand strictly to conform to the chosen aspect.

More/Less options

    Use this button to show or hide output file options (see below for details).

Output file options

Destination folder

    For destination folder you can choose a custom folder (by default the program will use "...\My Documents\My Pictures\Photo Gadget Pro") or the same as source folder (in other words the folder where the picture's original file is stored). 

File name

    If you choose new file name option then the program will take the original picture's file name and add a suffix "_cropped" to it. For example, if the original picture's file name was "London panorama 12.jpg" the program will save the cropped version as "London panorama 12_cropped.jpg". However, if you choose the same as original option, then there will be no change in the original picture's file name. In that case if the cropped version is going to be saved to a folder that also happens to be the one where the original picture file is stored then the original picture file will be overwritten and lost.

JPG quality

    Four output picture qualities are available for JPG files: low (highest compression), medium, high and best (lowest compression).

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