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Minutes of Meeting Recorder - Workspace

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Main Menu


        New: Creates a new Minutes of Meeting file, but first you have to select sound quality and compression mode in a small dialog that shows up. The range of available sound qualities starts with 8-bit mono sound sampled at 11KHz and ends with high quality 16-bit stereo sound sampled at 192KHz. Regarding compression, if you choose to use it the program will perform real-time compression during recording and save audio in OGG Vorbis format directly to your meeting file. In that case you can also choose compressed audio quality with higher marks giving better quality and bigger files.

        Open: Opens a saved Minutes of Meeting file.

        Save: Saves the current Minutes of Meeting file.

        Save As: Saves the current Minutes of Meeting file under a different name.

        Export: Opens the dialog for exporting meeting notes to rich-text file and meeting audio recordings to sound file. To make an export you will first choose target file names for text and audio, then adjust audio exporting options and finally click Ok to get it done.

          A) To export meeting notes enable Export Text option, click Choose File Name, select target folder, type in some file name and click Save. Please note that the program will actually make an export file only after you click Ok to close the whole dialog.

          B) To export meeting audio recordings enable Export Audio option, choose File Type (WAV/OGG/MP3, for OGG you will also choose Compression Quality), choose recording section to export (it can be either the current section or all sections at once), choose export sound quality (lower quality to save on space or No Change to keep the original quality), then click Choose File Name, select target folder, type in some file name and click Save. Please note that the program will actually make an export file only after you click Ok to close the whole dialog.

          NOTE: Support for MP3 sound files is available on conditional basis. This feature requires Fraunhofer IIS MPEG Layer3 (MP3) codec to be present on your computer. The codec is not included with Minutes of Meeting Recorder. Depending on the version of Windows you have it may be present by default, but it may also happen that you do not have it. To find out if you have the codec or not simply try to export some recording to MP3. You should also know that there are different versions of the codec. For example, so called "advanced" version works only on low bitrates (i.e. you can not use it for 44KHz and 48KHz recordings without lowering the sound quality for export) while "professional" version supports all sound qualities available in the program. There is also "decode only" version of the codec that can not do exports at all.

        Import: Opens the dialog for importing audio files. You can import as many files as you want into a single meeting file and each one of them will appear as the new audio section. Supported audio formats for this option are WAV, MP3 and OGG. You should note that direct conversion between two compressed audio formats is not possible so if you are working with a compressed OGG meeting file you will not be able to import MP3 files directly into it. In that case you can either decompress the meeting file and then import MP3 or you can use some other audio software to convert MP3 to WAV first and then import WAV into compressed OGG meeting file.

        Print: Prints out the text portion of the current Minutes of Meeting file.

        Close: Closes the current Minutes of Meeting file without exiting the program.

        Exit: Exits Minutes of Meeting Recorder program.


        Cut: Deletes selected text and places it on the clipboard.

        Copy: Copies selected text to the clipboard.

        Paste: Pastes the contents from the clipboard.

        Audio Editor: Opens audio editor for removing unwanted parts of a recording.


        Compress/Decompress Meeting File: Use this option if you want to switch from uncompressed meeting file to compressed meeting file and vice versa. Please note that with longer recordings this operation may take a while.

        Previous Meeting Review: Opens a review of chosen Minutes of Meeting file.

        Volume Control: This menu option gives you easy access to Windows Volume Controls utilities. Choose Playback to bring up Windows Playback Volume Controls or choose Recording to bring up Windows Recording Volume Controls.

        Always on Top: Toggles whether Minutes of Meeting Recorder will always be displayed on top or not.

        Loop Section:  When this option is enabled Minutes of Meeting Recorder will play a selected section in a continuous loop until you press the Stop button.

        Transcription Playback Mode: This option enables (or disables) the program's unique transcription playback mode. It is designed to make transcribing recorded material easier. With option enabled playback first goes for some time, then it pauses automatically and finally rewinds a little bit to start a new cycle. The idea is to minimize interaction with the program while transcribing. You can adjust all parameters (see below) for this mode so with some experimenting you should be able to find the winning combination - in ideal case you would just start the playback once and type everything in a single pass.

        Parameters - Transcription Playback Settings: Three parameters available in this dialog give you full control over transcription playback mode. Transcription segment length tells the program for how long to keep the playback running before an automatic pause kicks in to give you time to catch up with typing. Pause between segments defines the length of the automatic pause and Auto-rewind before next segment tells the program how much to go back before playing the next segment. Default button will set all parameters back to factory values. With Test and Stop buttons you can try transcription playback on the spot providing you already have some recording to play.

        Settings: Opens the Settings dialog.


        Register: Opens a dialog for registering the program.

        Contact Technical Support: This is where you can ask anything you are not clear with.

        Visit Program Homepage: Minues of Meeting Recorder's Internet homepage.

        Show Startup Dialog: Displays the startup dialog.

        Available Shortcuts (F12): Displays available shortcuts (more details here).

        Help: Opens the help document.

        About: Some basic information about the program.


        The same as the Save option from the File menu.


        The same as the Print option from the File Menu.

      Send File By E-Mail

        This option allows you to send the current Minutes of Meeting file by E-Mail as an attachment in your default email program. You can choose between sending the entire Minutes of Meeting file, just the audio recording or just the text.


        Minimizes Minutes of Meeting Recorder to the system tray area on the taskbar.

      Note: Save, Print and Send File by E-Mail are disabled during recording or playback of audio sections.
 Custom Title Image

    Space for a custom logo which registered users can set in the Settings dialog.

 Text Options Toolbar

    A set of well known options for adjusting text attributes and appearance. You can also use keyboard shortcuts to enable/disable bold (Ctrl-B), italic (Ctrl-I) and underline (Ctrl-U) letters.

 Audio Panel
    Panel with controls for recording and playback of meeting sound. Click here for details.
 Rich Text Boxes

    Seven standard text boxes (meeting, date, place, present, agenda, action, closure) available for keeping meeting records.

    Date text box special: double click anywhere in the box to get the calendar navigation dialog.


    Minimizes Minutes of Meeting Recorder to the system tray area on the taskbar.

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