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Suppress Microphone Noise Level / Recording Volume

    These two sliders should help you optimize microphone's sensibility for getting best results with Voice Operated Recording mode.

    Note: For some sound cards and drivers, using only hardware related Recording Volume slider does not provide enough control over microphone's sensibility. For that reason we have added another (software only) control slider named "Suppress microphone noise level". Even so, there is no guarantee that voice operated recording will work as expected in all microphone/sound card/driver combinations.
Rolling Resolution (Mouse) [%]
    This text box provides you with the ability to set percentage step for Exact Time Positioner navigation in conjunction with mouse wheel roll events.

On Stop Rewind to section start

    If disabled a section will not automatically rewind to the beginning when playback is stopped. Please note that the default state for this option is enabled.

Instant and Playback Pause rewind

This parameter is related to Instant Rewind and Playback Pause Rewind options that are designed to make transcribing sections easier. Just enter zero (0) value if you do not want to use them. When some non-zero value is entered for this time offset parameter you will get the following two effects.

Each time you release Playback Pause the program will automatically rewind the section for that time offset and continue with playback.

Additionally, there is an off-focus shortcut (Down Arrow, see Available Shortcuts dialog, Off-Focus Mode tab) that gives you the opportunity to Instant Rewind your section on-the-fly during playback without stopping it.

Temp Files Location

    While program is working it has to create some temporary files. By default, those temporary files are saved to the same folder where meetings files are saved (e.g. My Documents\My Meetings). Here you can change the location for temporary files and set it to either temporary folder used by the Windows itself (system) or any other folder you want (custom). Setting a custom folder is a good option when you have additional hard drive with plenty of free space.

Show MMR on Start
    If checked, Minutes of Meeting Recorder workspace (main program window) will show up on the screen immediately after the program was started.
Launch MMR on StartUp
    If checked, Minutes of Meeting Recorder will automatically launch itself every time your computer starts up.
Pack Meeting file on Delete
    If checked, Meeting file will be optimized for minimum hard disk space usage every time some section is being deleted.
Run without Tray Icon
    If checked, the program will not place its icon in the tray area of the taskbar so it will run as a standard Windows program that can not be minimized to tray.
Volume Settings (Master / Wave Out)
    Determines whether MMR's front panel volume controls would change sound card's Master volume (Device volume on Vista) or Wave Out volume (Minutes of Meeting Recorder Application volume on Vista).

Title Image & URL

    Registered users can change the title image on the program's workspace as well as the URL sitting behind it. Click on Browse button to find designated image file (BMP format only) on your disk and type in URL of choice in the second field available. Ideal image size for Logo is 306 x 43 pixels, but you can also use BMP image of any other size and it will be scaled to fit.

Font Options

    Current font options are listed here. By clicking on Select Font, a standard font selection dialog will pop-up and there you can change the default font options and select new ones.

Register Minutes of Meeting Recorder

    Opens dialog for registering Minutes of Meeting Recorder. Type in your name and registration code and click Register to complete the process. For more information on how to obtain the registration code please go to http://www.xemico.com/mmr/register.html.
    Opens help index file.
    Resets all settings to factory values.

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