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    Transcribing recordings through a special playback mode
  It takes a lot of time and patience to transcribe a recording. When expensive voice recognition systems are not available manual play-stop-type technique is the only way to go. We have provided a set of so called off-focus keyboard shortcuts in our programs to allow playback control while working in a word processor, but that is not what we are presenting you with here. Read on to learn about using unique transcription playback mode in our software.

Transcription playback mode is designed to make transcribing recorded material easier. With the option enabled playback first goes for some time, then it pauses automatically and finally rewinds a little bit to start a new cycle.

The idea is to minimize interaction with the program while transcribing. You can adjust all parameters for this mode so with some experimenting you should be able to find the winning combination - in ideal case you would just start the playback once and type everything in a single pass.

Three adjustable parameters of the transcription mode are following. "Transcription segment length" defines for how long playback should go before making an automatic pause. You should set it according to how much of speech on average you can memorize temporarily while typing. We have chosen 5 seconds as the default value.

"Pause between segments" serves to allow enough time to complete typing of text memorized during segment playback. This parameter obviously depends on how fast you can type. Our default is 12 seconds.

"Auto-rewind before next segment" (1 second by defualt) is there to create smooth transition to the next transcription segment. We believe it is easier to continue with listening this way, but of course you do not have to use the parameter at all in which case simply set it to 0.


  • Audio Notes Recorder and Claudio: right click on its icon in the system tray and choose Transcription Mode; for adjusting parameters choose Settings/Options and select Playback tab.
  • Lecture Recorder and Minutes of Meeting Recorder: click Options on the toolbar and choose Transcription Playback Mode; for adjusting parameters choose Transcription Playback Settings.

Available in all our sound recorders: Audio Notes Recorder, Claudio, Lecture Recorder, Minutes of Meeting Recorder
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Transcribing recordings through a special playback mode



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