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    Recording telephone conversations
  While there are many reasons for monitoring and recording telephone conversations (e.g. support personnel training, quality assurance and control, security, etc.) you should be aware of different country/state laws regarding that subject. Take legal advice if necessary. Unlawful action towards recording phone conversations may bring you under a civil suit or even criminal prosecution.

There are two possible solutions for recording telephone conversations. One is to have a voice modem and make calls through the computer and the other is to have a sound output on the telephone set that can be connected to the Line-In input of the computer's sound card.

Before you start recording with Audio Notes Recorder, click Settings, choose Volume Controls - Recording and make sure proper sound source is selected. During a recording you should see the signal animation line moving on the program's front panel. If it stays flat then you are recording only silence.


When recording is done you can keep it in the program's own cassette file format or export whenever necessary to standard WAV, OGG or MP3 file.



  • Exporting to MP3 format is possible providing that the program finds the necessary codec on your computer.
  • Audio Notes Recorder works only with 8-bit mono sound and that should be just fine for recording phone conversations, but if you insist on 16-bit stereo then try Claudio.

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