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    Recording internet radio broadcasts (streaming audio)
  Internet radio and streaming audio in general are becoming more and more popular with the higher broadband web access penetration. This page will show you how to make recordings on your computer from these sources in case you want to keep something to playback later.

Two conditions first. Your sound card has to be full-duplex to allow playback and recording at the same time (that is most likely the case). The other condition is that access to the sound card is not blocked by the streaming audio playback. Please note that streaming technologies are also used to prevent sound capture so there is no guarantee that the recording will be possible in all cases.

To make the recording with Claudio, start the program, click MIX, choose Recording, select Wave line as the sound source, start audio stream and click Record.

During the recording you should see the signal animation line on Claudio's front panel moving. If it stays flat that most likely means that nothing is recorded.

After recording is done you can keep it in the program's own cassette file format and/or export to standard WAV, OGG or MP3 file. Please note that exporting to MP3 format is possible only if the program finds the necessary codec on your computer.

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