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    Increasing workplace productivity through recording and sending voice messages
  There are many situations when making a voice message might help achieve higher productivity in everyday work. It's not just the matter of recording your own thoughts. Take for example communication between an executive and an assistant, a lawyer and a secretary, a doctor and a nurse, and so on.

One could simply record a voice message, send it to the other side for immediate attention and move on to a next task. As speaking is much faster than typing you can expect significant savings of valuable time.

To record voice messages with Audio Notes Recorder you need either a built-in microphone (e.g. some notebook computers have it) or an external one that you will connect to the MIC input of your sound card.

Then you should start Audio Notes Recorder, select Microphone as the sound source and start recording. During a recording the signal animation line on the program's front panel shows activity (flat line means nothing is recorded).

When it comes to sending a recorded message you have two options. One is to export message to a sound file and send it as an attachment using your existing email client. The other one is to use the program's built-in dialog for sending email attachments (this option can not work with web based email accounts like Hotmail, Yahoo, Gmail, etc.).

Both options, Export Message and Send Message, are available when you click on Settings and whichever you choose you will also be able to pick one of three available sound file formats: WAV, OGG and MP3 (the last one on some technical conditions).

Notes on other programs

  • You can use any other of our audio programs to record voice messages (Claudio, Minutes of Meeting Recorder, Lecture Recorder). What those programs do not have is the built-in dialog for sending email attachments so you would always have to use your existing email client.
  • If you insist on 16-bit stereo sound then try Claudio. Audio Notes Recorder works only with 8-bit mono sound and that should be just fine for its purpose with smaller files as a benefit.
  • What is specific about Minutes of Meeting Recorder and Lecture Recorder is that they can make compressed recordings directly in OGG sound format during a recording session.

Recommended program for this task:
Audio Notes Recorder
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