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World Clock ScreenSaver 32-bit - FREE    

World Clock Screen Saver shows your local time on its big central clock and adds five major time zones (Los Angeles, New York, London, Dubai and Tokyo) on smaller clocks placed around it.

Clocks were first created in flash and then the screen saver was built from flash SWF file using Flash ScreenSaver Builder.

Download World Clock ScreenSaver

(FREE - 552KB)

Custom Made Company World Clock Screen Saver 32-bit    

If you would like to get a world clock screen saver with your own company logo, showing some other locations or having a different layout, to use on company computers and for marketing purposes, contact XemiComputers directly at

Please note that this service is available only on a commercial basis.

By courtesy of John Deere company we are able to show you how one such custom made screen saver can look like.

Download John Deere World Time

(FREE - 691KB)


(1) The screensaver is 32-bit and in practice that means it can not be installed as a screensaver on 64-bit versions of Windows. In those cases the screensaver will work only if started manually.

(2) User account running the screensaver has to be allowed to write to the system temporary folder.

(3) The screensaver requires Flash Player to be present on the computer or it can not work at all. Also, if you have an older version of Flash Player (prior to 5,0,41,0) clocks may not display correct time. In that case you should visit Adobe's website and download the latest version of Flash Player:

(4) If you have the latest version of Flash Player and clocks still do not show correct time please check which Time Zone is set on your computer. To do that double click on the system clock in the right corner of your screen and select Time Zone tab. If Time Zone is correctly set, change it temporarily to some other Time Zone, click Apply, then set the correct Tine Zone again and click Apply once more.

(5) There is a margin of error of 1 hour difference appearing within +/-2 hours of the official time of change to/from daylight saving time for any given location displayed on these clocks.

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