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Welcome to XemiComputers

Dear user,

In developing software we have embraced "try before you buy" shareware concept that allows you to evaluate a product in action and decide on real performance prior to taking out your wallet. As additional benefits there are lifetime free upgrade policy and technical support via e-mail.

However, we would like to emphasize our dedication to the individual software user as something we think is very important. We are trying really hard to incorporate as much of your suggestions as possible in future versions of our programs. While we can not guarantee that any particular request will be met, we can assure you that we highly appreciate your feedback.

There is no small, unimportant or silly idea as long as it fulfils your needs, so feel free to write to us at info@xemico.com about anything that is bothering you in the world of Windows software.

Now please let us present other fine software products.

Photo Gadget Pro

Photo Gadget Pro is a shell extension that adds photo editing options to Windows Explorer. Simply select photos to work with and right-click the selection to get format conversion, rotate, resize, rename or add caption and frame options. Click here for more info and download.

Smooth Program Scheduler

This freeware allows you to execute any program anytime. You can set it to perform the task only once or to follow some recurrence pattern. Additionaly, if a program is made to work with Smooth Program Scheduler then you will have more options and be able to control program features as well. Click here for more info and download.

Pocket Email Checker (for Pocket PC)

Pocket Email Checker gives you full control over POP3 accounts when you are on the move, away from desktop PC's arsenal. It is easy to check accounts, preview messages and delete unwanted ones directly on a server before download. Click here for more info and download.

Lecture Recorder

This program allows you to record lectures and write notes and digests for them. Both text and OGG audio which is compressed on-the-fly are saved to the same easy to share lecture file. Exporting audio component and printing notes are also available. Click here for more info and download.

Photo Druid

Photo Druid will help you manage and share your digital photos and images hassle free. Many image actions are available (rotate, resize, crop, …) and you can apply them to multiple selections. Extras: HTML album generator, FTP upload, send by e-mail. Click here for more info and download.

Minutes of Meeting Recorder

This program allows you to take minutes of meetings by recording discussion and writing standard notes about present people, agenda, actions and closure. Both text and audio are saved to the same meeting file that you can easily share. Click here for more info and download.

Download Druid

Add mass download option to your Internet Explorer. Druid gives you the power to grab all files of specified types with direct links from the current page in a single click action at any moment. It also checks up all links and shows file sizes. Click here for more info and download.


DeskLook is the system tray program that uses desktop wallpaper to display data it reads directly from your Outlook. Get three months calendar along with appointments, tasks and messages available all the time in three different styles to choose from. Click here for more info and download.

Internet ScreenSaver Builder

Make screen savers updateable via Internet. Use images, text and avi/wav/mp3 files with wizard, transition effects and command language. Put any changes on the web and screensaver will update automatically. Also makes standard screensavers. Click here for more info and download.

Flash ScreenSaver Builder

This screensaver maker allows you to use Flash SWF files in screen savers along with images, text and multimedia: WAV, AVI, MP3. It features many transition effects, command language, installer option, wizard and templates for one-step screen savers. Click here for more info and download.

Active ScreenSaver Builder

Award-winning screen saver editor allows you to combine images, text and multimedia. It features powerful command language, 73 transition effects, easy to use wizard and supports avi/wav/mp3 media files. Extra feature: make web enabled screen savers. You can find many quality freeware screen savers, created with Active ScreenSaver Builder, if you visit krstDesign's ASSB Club web site. Click here for more info and download.

Internet Drummer!

This program works in system tray and checks unlimited number of POP3 e-mail accounts. It executes various types of notifiers whenever there is new e-mail waiting in your mailbox. Preview e-mail while still on server and decide which to keep and which should be removed. Set a list of spam filtering conditions and a list of friendly e-mail notifying conditions. Maintain a list of web pages program should periodically visit and check for changes.
Click here for more info and download.

Active Desktop Calendar

Fully customizable PIM displayed as your desktop wallpaper with genuine direct click user interface. Create pleasant working atmosphere by changing calendar icons, fonts and colors. Runs in systray and features: notes, tasks, alarms, data export-import and its own screen saver. We have included a dozen of different icon sets, but you can also boost your creativity and create your own icons, or use assorted collections available for download at various sites. For example, visit krstDesign's ADC Club web site. Click here for more info and download.

Web Update Builder

Web Update Builder creates small stand alone programs that will allow anybody to make easy updates to their web sites. Just add a couple of new tags to a web page, set some parameters and give your customers or colleagues reason to love you for. Click here for more info and download.

Make My Day

Create something better than a screen saver. Fill MMD's documents with your favorite images, texts and sounds. Let them tell a story or simply look nice. Use Make EXE function for converting documents to stand-alone programs. When MMD document is active, images will pop-up somewhere on the screen, accompanied by text messages and sounds, stay visible for some time, and finally disappear without you being involved in that process or disturbed in any other way. There is a large public archive of freeware Make My Day documents available for download at krstDesign's MMD Club web site.Click here for more info and download.

Active Desktop Wallpaper

Transform your desktop to an exciting picture gallery. Three wallpaper change modes available: manual, cycling or around-the-clock list. Create list of wallpapers easily, add pictures and text to any wallpaper with instant outcome, export wallpapers. Click here for more info and download.


Tetruzzle keeps original Tetris' simplicity and offers fine twists: playing the game reveals a puzzle, scenery is changeable & shareable, game builder allows for easy new scenery creation and Make EXE option generates stand alone custom made games. Click here for more info and download.

News Watch

Got a web page to look after? Set its URL address, set expected search phrases and News Watch will monitor the web page for you at regular intervals and notify you when there's a match. Organize web pages in categories. Never miss a thing on the web. Click here for more info and download.

Audio Notes Recorder

Voice notes program records from the sound card and microphone with analog/digital operating modes, three recording modes (Normal, Spy, Voice Operated Recording), export to MP3/WAV/EXE, direct message sending as email attachment and changeable skins. Click here for more info and download.

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