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Tray Menu Options

Show Claudio

    Shows Claudio front panel (main program window) on the screen.
Eject Cassette
    Use this command to change active cassette by creating new blank cassette or opening one of previously recorded cassettes.
Always on Top
    If this option is active Claudio's front panel will stay on top of the screen all the time until you deactivate it again or use Off command to minimize the program to systray.
Start/Stop Recording
    Starts or stops recording. Same as clicking on Record button on Claudio's front panel (main program window).
Play/Stop Track
    Starts or stops playback of the current track.

Loop Track

    When enabled, Claudio will play a selected track in an endless loop until you press the Stop button.
Transcription Mode
    This option enables (or disables) the program's unique transcription playback mode. It is designed to make transcribing recorded material easier. With option enabled playback first goes for some time, then it pauses automatically and finally rewinds a little bit to start a new cycle. The idea is to minimize interaction with the program while transcribing. You can adjust all parameters for this mode so with some experimenting you should be able to find the winning combination - in ideal case you would just start the playback once and type everything in a single pass.
Register Claudio


    Opens help index file.
About Claudio
    Opens window with basic information about the program, manufacturer and license.
    Use this command to exit and unload Claudio.

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