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Registration instructions

This is not free software. You are entitled to use it for evaluation purposes without charge for a period of 42 days. If you want to use Claudio after the 42-day evaluation period you must pay a registration fee. For information about prices and ordering details (credit cards, PayPal, voice, fax, and postal mail), start the program, click Settings and choose Buy Now!

Lifetime FREE Upgrade Policy. Once you become a registered user, all new versions of the program, if we make them, will be available to you free of charge. Therefore, when new version is out, no matter how many improvements it has, or how big they are, it is free for you to upgrade.

FREE Technical Support. The registration also entitles you to receive free technical support through e-mail.


| Contents | | About Claudio | | What's new | |MP3 | | License | | XemiComputers

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