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Support for MP3 explained

MP3 is the file extension for MPEG, audio layer 3. Layer 3 is one of three coding schemes (layer 1, layer 2 and layer 3) for the compression of audio signals. Compression is performed by a special program which implements MP3 coding scheme. That program is known as codec.

Please note that due to patent and licencing restrictions Audio Notes Recorder installation does not include one such codec. Therefore support for MP3 sound files in this program is provided on conditional basis only. That means Fraunhofer IIS MPEG Layer3 (MP3) codec has to be installed on your computer so Audio Notes Recorder can use it to handle MP3 sound files.

How do I know if I have that MP3 codec installed on my computer?

When you try to use some of Audio Notes Recorder's MP3 capabilities you will be notified if the program can not detect the necessary codec. You can also check Audio Codecs section in your computer's Device Manager.

How do I get the codec?

As far as we know Fraunhofer IIS MPEG Layer3 codec is not available as a stand alone product. However, depending on the version of Windows you have, the codec may be available by default. Additionaly, you can have the codec if it was installed with other software, but it may also happen that you do not have it at all.As codec's availability tends to change over time we are not in a position to point out any particular software package that will have it for sure.

Note: You should also know that there are different versions of the codec. For example, so called "advanced" version works only on low bitrates (i.e. you can not use it for 44KHz and 48KHz recordings without lowering the sound quality for export) while "professional" version supports all sound qualities available in the program. There is also "decode only" version of the codec that can not do exports at all.


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