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About Audio Notes Recorder

Quick thoughts need quick reactions. When sitting in front of the computer screen you do not have to lose even an extra second of your time on recording voice notes. XemiComputers is proud to bring you Audio Notes Recorder, virtual audio device that will solve all your problems with taking voice notes. Additionally, what could be better than the opportunity to actually record just any sound from any source available to your sound card? Simply forget about all the complicated sound recording software out there. Our Audio Notes Recorder is not just looking posh with all those skins to choose from, it also has the good old easy to use interface one would expect of every device of that kind.

Audio Notes Recorder has two basic operating modes. We illustriously call them digital and analog cassettes. Digital cassette can contain several recorded messages and every new click on Record button creates a new message. That means you cannot continue recording at the end of already existing message. On the other side, an analog cassette contains, or better say represents, only one continual message. By further clicking on Record button you will be able to continue recording at the end of analog cassette i.e. extend single message many times.

Recording itself has three working (microphone) modes. In normal mode, that process is completely under your control through standard set of commands: Record, Stop, Pause. Two other microphone modes are more interesting. V.O.R. stands for Voice Operated Recording and means that Audio Notes Recorder will record only clear sound coming through the microphone and skip all periods of silence. Spy mode is an extension of V.O.R. Pressing Record button in that mode will automatically minimize Audio Notes Recorder to the system tray and start recording by the rules of V.O.R.

Whatever is recorded with Audio Notes Recorder you can share with others. There are options for exporting messages to WAV, MP3 or OGG Vorbis sound file formats, as well as opportunity to send an E-Mail to multiple recipients, with sound file attached (also in WAV, MP3 or OGG Vorbis format) directly from Audio Notes Recorder. There is one more neat sharing option that provides you with the ability to export any message or cassette to executable file containing both a little player and recorded material itself (again, either in WAV, MP3 or OGG Vorbis sound file formats). Everything one has to do then is to double-click on that EXE file to start playback.

We have worked hard to give you the program with clear concept and a lot of good usability solutions. You can enjoy the efficiency of Transcription playback mode, Sound effects (echo, equalizer, flanger, pitch), Message Editor for making cut-outs and splitting, Rearrange Cassette option, Direct Message Selector, Exact Time Positioner, Volume Controls, Available Space Info Screen, Keyboard Shortcuts, Insert Recording, Instant Rewind, Playback Pause Rewind, Mouse Wheel Support, Auto Cassette Recovery, Loop Message, Enhanced Export Cassette...

Audio Notes Recorder by XemiComputers is the only effective alternative to hardware devices of its kind and that is not all. This program can make unattended scheduled recordings if necessary. For that to work you need one more program of ours called Smooth Program Scheduler. It is completely free to install/use and available for download from this location. Detailed instructions on setting up a scheduled recording are available in Smooth Program Scheduler's help files.

Note: Cassette file size is limited to 2000MB, which means that if you use maximum quality for recording (48KHz with 16-bit sampling) you will be able to save 6 hours in a single cassette file.

Note: Support for MP3 sound files is available on conditional basis. This feature requires Fraunhofer IIS MPEG Layer3 (MP3) codec to be present on your computer. The codec is not included with Audio Notes Recorder. Depending on the version of Windows you have it may be present by default, but it may also happen that you do not have it. To find out if you have the codec or not simply try to export some recording to MP3. You should also know that there are different versions of the codec. For example, so called "advanced" version works only on low bitrates (i.e. you can not use it for 44KHz and 48KHz recordings without lowering the sound quality for export) while "professional" version supports all sound qualities available in the program. There is also "decode only" version of the codec that can not do exports at all.


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