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ADD-ONS for Active Desktop Calendar

Preset calendar files collection


This collection of calendar files covering various public events consists of contributions we received from the program's devoted users. All you have to do to download is click on the file you want. See below if you need instructions for importing.


  NFL calendar 2004-2005 - schedules for the whole season and selected teams including play-off games
  US holidays - compiled by Jeff Williams
  Jewish holidays - compiled by Jeff Williams
  UK holidays 2004-06 - compiled by Andrew Deighton
  Formula 1: Grand-Prix Season 2004 - compiled by Mr. Hate Schumi
  Formula 1: Grand-Prix Season 2004 (version with icons) - compiled by Mr. Hate Schumi
  Rally calendar 2004 - compiled by Nemanja


All files available for download from this page are in their original form, i.e. exactly as sent in by their respective authors. XemiComputers can not take any responsibility for accuracy of their contents.


  How to import downloaded .ADC file

1. Double click on Active Desktop Calendar's icon in the system tray.
2. Choose Import option from the Data menu.
3. Select downloaded .ADC file, click Open, choose Target Layer ("Import as new layer" is recommended) and finally click Finish.


You can download and import as many calendars as you want.

Imported notes will not affect your existing notes.

Unless you have chosen "Import as new layer" option for importing, there is no other way to undo the import operation than to delete imported notes manually.

  How to make your own .ADC file to share


  1. Right click on the program's icon in the system tray and choose Layers.
  2. Click "Add new layer", type in some name and click Ok twice.
  3. Now add notes you want to share. While doing that just pay attention to always select the right layer in Editing Note dialog. Once you have all notes for sharing in their own layer proceed to the next step.
  4. Go back to Layers dialog as in step one, select the layer with notes to share, click "Export layer(s) data", choose .ADC as export format, click Create Export File, type in some file name and click Save.


If you think the calendar file you made is of general interest you can submit it to Please note that we can not guarantee that it will be published.


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